The perks of wearing the perfect bra and underwear

How many of you have taken a good look through your underwear drawer recently?

Not many, we imagine.

Are you guilty of a drawer full of underwear that no longer fits? Have your whites been sent through a mixed wash one too many times? Holes perhaps? We’re here to change the narrative of underwear.

Let us explain some of the benefits you can experience by wearing proper foundation garments.

Invest in your chest

Boobs, breasts, lady bumps, whatever you prefer to call them; one thing we can all agree on is how much confidence we get from wearing a bra that fits well and looks good. So why do we still insist on wearing those ill-fitting bras we bought four years ago?

According to Pour Moi, this year, “the top trending hashtag on TikTok is #brafitting which has had over 110.5 million views”. Could this be due to the shift in people’s weight after lockdown? Quite likely.

Weight change is the biggest contributing factor to your bra-size changing and feeling uncomfortable.

Here’s how you can spot an ill-fitting bra:

  • Lift your arms above your head. Your bra shouldn’t shift upwards?
  • Place your fingers between your bra fastener and your back. The majority of the strap should still sit firmly against your skin.
  • Look at the positioning of your bra in the mirror. The fastener strap should be in a straight line across your back.
  • Look at your bra cups. There shouldn’t be gaps between the cup and your breast.

Besides an increase in confidence, investing in and wearing bras that fit perfectly has other cosmetic benefits, including:

  • Improved posture – more support = less slouchy shoulders and pull on your back.
  • Better fitting clothes – less chance of gaping buttons if your boobies are under control.
  • Improves health – A better fit means less back ache, less chafing and potential skin irritation.
  • It’s easier to get active – a well-fitting sports bra means your mind isn’t on your chest; it’s on doing your best. We’ve written about this.
  • Improved breast and body shape – the perfect fit compensates for the loss of breast firmness as we age. It also creates a subtle divide between belly and boob—hello there, waist!

But it’s not just bras that can help us look and feel great. There are other items of underwear that can bring you cosmetic benefits.

From bikini to brief

Not all knickers are created equal. But you already know this, which is why you probably have a variety of shapes and styles in your drawer. But did you know that some pants are better suited for different body types?

Are you slim, athletic, and would love the illusion of curves? Go for bikini style.

Are you cute and curvaceous? Go for Brazillian. The ultimate pant for pear shapes.

Lacking in the long leg department? Reach for the knickers with a high leg. They’ll help to elongate those limbs.

You’ll also want the pants you wear under your little black dress to be completely different to the ones you go jogging in.

For a smooth silhouette, choose high- or low-rise shorts.

For comfortable everyday wear, think midi styles—these are pants that are halfway between a bikini and a full brief.

Not only does wearing the right pair of pants do wonders for how you look, but it can also benefit your health.

If your knickers are in a twist and are too tight, they can cause stomach ache due to the extra pressure trapping wind, chafing and in some cases, yeast infections and UTIs.

There’s so much more to our underwear than meets the eye. If you’d like to arrange a time to discover your perfect fit, contact us.