A parent’s guide to finding and fitting a daughter’s first bra

A mum’s guide to finding and fitting a daughter’s first bra

Ah, the summer holidays! It’s that time of year when kids bid farewell to textbooks and hello to carefree days. While preparing for the upcoming school year, we often think of uniforms and school supplies. But another essential item that deserves attention during this period of preparation is bras! Yes, you read that right. Let’s address the topic of bras and boobs with our tweenage and teenage daughters. It sounds like a terrifying prospect. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

Shall we dive into the serious matter of bras and fittings?

The early bloomers

Girls are reaching puberty earlier, with some as young as eight years old. It’s not unusual, and it can be hereditary. As their bodies develop and change, giving them the support they need is crucial. And that’s where the right bra comes into play.

Breaking the stigma

Let’s face it, no matter how young or old we are, mentioning bras or boobs can still bring some of us out in a cold sweat. There seems to be an unwarranted stigma attached to discussing these things. Women and girls often feel embarrassed or uncomfortable talking about their breasts. However, it’s essential to normalise these conversations from a young age. We believe that being measured for bras should feel as normal as being fitted for new shoes. And, parents, we need your help in starting that conversation.

Education is key:

Girls need parental reassurance during this transformative phase. They might feel self-conscious about their developing bodies and worry about whether they’re “normal.” Let’s help them understand that misshapen boobies and inverted nipples are perfectly commonplace. By tackling these concerns early on, we can boost their confidence and educate them about their bodies at the same time.

Protecting breast health:

Supporting breasts from an early age can have long-term benefits. By wearing correctly fitted bras, we protect the Cooper Ligaments and maintain breast shape and health. It’s not just about appearance; it’s about learning how to care for their bodies and feeling empowered to be their best selves.

Sports bras: a game-changer:

What environment can be more important when it comes to developing confidence? School, of course! And more and more educators, including headteachers, teachers, and sports coaches, are recognising the importance of breast support during school time and physical activities. Ill-fitting bras (or no bra at all!) can impact confidence and performance, making it crucial to prioritise proper support.

At Janice Rose Lingerie, we’re on a mission to make sports bras mandatory on school uniform lists. Let’s allow our girls to excel in school and sports while protecting their developing bodies.

The Janice Rose Lingerie experience:

Now, let’s address the elephant in the fitting room – the fear of exposing our boobs! Rest assured, we understand and respect boundaries. At Janice Rose Lingerie, our fittings take place over your girls’ tops, with bras carefully selected for them to try on. Before any fitting with us, you must reassure them that they don’t need to feel nervous or embarrassed during the fitting process.

Fitting and education:

When mums, aunts, grans, and their daughters, nieces, or grandkids visit us, we fit and educate! We adapt our approach based on the child’s age, reminding both parties about the importance of regular measurements and self-checks. We explain the anatomy of bras and teach your girls the basics they need to know. It’s time to bridge the generation gap and remove the barriers preventing these vital conversations.

Non-wired Bras – the perfect first step

Moving on to bra choice. When it comes to first bras, non-wired styles are the best option. They provide gentle support without restricting breast growth. At Janice Rose Lingerie, we understand the needs of young girls transitioning into bras. That’s why we offer a range of stylish options, including the renowned brand Royce Lingerie.

Steering clear of fast fashion pitfalls

After a fitting with us, some girls may be tempted to head to the nearest fast fashion retailer and focus solely on the bra size they were given during their fitting. Unfortunately, they might be in for a surprise. Just like clothes, bra sizes can vary across brands and stores. That’s why it’s crucial to visit a professional bra fitter like us, who understand the nuances and can help them find the perfect fit every time.

So, as the summer holidays approach, let’s add “bra-fitting” to the list of back-to-school preparations.

At Janice Rose Lingerie, we’re dedicated to normalising these conversations, educating young girls, and providing them with comfortable, well-fitted bras. Together, let’s give our girls the support they need, literally and figuratively, as they embark on this exciting journey of self-discovery.

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