Speaking up for women and their breasts

Janice Rose Lingerie available for public speaking events.

We’re on a mission to help women discover more about breast health, development and the importance of a properly fitted bra.

In the past, we’ve attended events and spoken about a wide range of breast topics. From how to get the best fitting bra, bra types for your body shape and how to properly check your breasts. We call them our TIT Talks!

A recent attendee at one of Janice Holmes’ talks said: “Janice came to talk to us about the importance of a properly fitted bra and her talk was very informative. We all think we know our boobs and bodies and then the Janice Rose Lingerie team visited and we discovered something new. We thank them for sharing their knowledge.”

Putting our breast foot forward

Being breast aware needs to start from a young age. We want to help school age girls shake the stigma when it comes to talking about breasts. Girls need to be proud of their bodies, not embarrassed. That’s why we’re keen to visit schools. We’ll talk about how important it is to be fitted regularly for bras as their bodies mature to matching sports bras to the right sport.

Supporting your performance

Sports bras are so important for good breast health, that’s why we also want to hold speaking events at sports clubs. In an excerpt from our latest blog, we wrote that recent research by a leading UK university into sports bras showed that:

  • 11% of women wear their everyday bra under a sports bra
    • 84% of women wear the same sports bra for all their sporting activities
    • 74% of women don’t like wires in sports bras

To improve health and performance, women need to be supported by the right bra.

If you’d like to talk boobs with Janice Rose Lingerie. Contact us on 01636 822003 or email janiceroselingerie@mail.com