Janice Rose Lingerie In the News

Since our Tik Tok video about how to put a bra on went viral (we’re up to 14 million views!) we’ve been contacted by various news outlets wanting to know about Janice Rose Lingerie.

So, in the last few weeks we’ve been in the Newark Advertiser, we’ve been on BBC East Midlands and BBC Radio Nottingham! In fact, the team at Janice Rose Lingerie are truly honoured and grateful to the BBC who have put together this short film to show how passionate we are about bra fitting and why it’s important to get measured.

We were also absolutely delighted and honoured to be featured on BBC East Midlands on 6th February and to be joined by Prof Joanna Wakefield-Scurr from Portsmouth University. We were discussing why it’s so important that we have well fitting, supportive bras.
Wearing unsupportive, ill-fitting bras can lead to irreversible damage.
Thank you all for the opportunity to share something we’re so passionate about!